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Did you guys see the new Cat Catalyst?

Very interesting.


I would think that would need lubrication or the steering post may need changed out every so often....?

Maybe, hard to tell without seeing the load bearing surfaces. Having watched the video several times it is interesting as a design. My first comment is that the steering is going to be first on the scene of the accident when it comes to hitting anything head on and dead center. The video shows you the mechanism from the backside looking towards the front and the mounting bracket attaches to a center rail which forms part of the front bumper. Functionally, from the riders perspective there will be less resistance to starting a bar movement from on-center, as you move away from center (turn more) the load will increase *and* the turning ratio (ski movement per degree) will increase. At a dead standstill in a parking lot this means that the bars will be light and easy to initiate turn but you may have to put more pressure into the bars to reach full lock. At speed the increased resistance is probably less of an issue as there is less static friction under the ski/carbide/keel to overcome. It appears that the entire mechanism is easy to remove and replace so the aftermarket guys should have a field day tightening up the tolerances and playing around with the geometry.

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Thought the new videos were good. Informative from engineers not some marketing guy with a smile and slick talk.
So I'm guessing you weren't the only one that enjoyed the montone socially awkward explanations?
You would have thought that they would have picked a bulkhead with nicer quality welds as their demo unit.