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Doo smart shocks

Why not just keep it simple.
When the electronics and wiring break it defaults to hard and ruins your week long vacation.
Snow and ice build up in the suspension....
Another reason to drive the prices thru the roof again!
Really , my srx stays on hard all the time love that setting

The cat/yamaha system defaults to the last position you were on if you have an issue, not firm unless you were on firm previously. I never had much interest in the system till I purchased a sled with it……now id rather not go without. In my opinion its nearly as much as a game changer as the power steering. Ive had the fancy shocks with all kinds of adjustments and like many, you find a setting thats a good all around setup and leave it there most of the time. Up here in the course of a 200-300 mile day you will go through trails cared for by as much as 10 clubs. They dont sync there grooming schedules so you may have 30 miles of flat smooth trails followed by 20-30 miles of rough beaten up trails etc. Changing between soft medium firm and driver 1 and driver 2 while on the fly and feeling the changes while in motion is awesome and allows you to find exactly what works best for the speed your traveling and the conditions. High speed cruising on old rr beds all choppy, tap the button to firm and enjoy a smooth stable ride at speed…….catch up to a group of sledders going slow bump down to a softer setting till you get to pass them and firm things back up. Never off the sled cleaning snow off the skid to access adjustment screws and not many will stop everytime trail conditions change to make adjustments anyway. Are more precise adjustments available on the fancier shocks? Absolutely you can really fine tune your ride to be perfect but like mentioned before, not many are going to stop 10-12 times during a day to make adjustments. The electronic on the fly works great and my wife and I really love the feature. Have hardly heard of any issues with the system since 2019……..not much on here or the facebook groups that ive seen. When an issue arises I will repair and continue on just like we do with everything else sled related.