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Help with a 2020 sidewinder that won’t start

local 25

Nov 3, 2003
Boston mass
Hi, my friend has a 2020 sidewinder that he keeps here in Rangeley Maine inside a trailer. He lives on Nantucket. He just got here and his sled won’t start. I told him I’d try to find out via Totallyamaha. He traveled a long way to get here. Anyways. When you turn the key it cranks over about 1-2 revolutions before the starter stops cranking on its own. Even if you hold the the key on start position, it stops turning over by itself. The fuel pump and everything else is being energized when you turn the key on. It almost sounds like it wants to start. If he could just get one more rotation of the starter. Any ideas ? The battery is brand new and the sled ran fine last week when it had an oil and filter change. Drove it back in the trailer and now it won’t start. Thank you.

Are you sure the battery is good? Try giving him a boost
Warm relays up and try boosting the battery
Yeah the newer sleds don’t keep the starter engaged for long, try what was said above.
if your in Rangeley go over to Rev it up and ask Mike for some advise. The other advise given here is good advise too.