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Ice Storm Camso track and howling/noise


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Dec 4, 2007
Elk Mound, Wisconsin
'14 Viper RTX, '06 Apex, '99 SX 600, '74 TL433F, '79 Trail Fire
I put a Camso Ice Storm track on my Viper RTX 129" sled. I am finding that it howls a lot more than any unstudded or studded track I have ever had before at all speeds. In fact at 55-57 mph it is outright screaming. Anyone had this problem with one of the "Ice" -- prestudded tracks and if so, what if anything did you do to stop it?

Has anyone ever thought they had track howling going on and later found it was a bad jackshaft, driveshaft or other bearing making the noise?
every sled i own has track howl at certain speeds.
every sled i own has track howl at certain speeds.
Every all-Japan Yamaha I owned had track howl also.
However, the Cat chassis Winders I've owned are much quieter in the track area. I don't know if it's due to the inner track rubber bumps on these Cat-specific tracks or the more open tunnel area.
I friend of mine installed a new track and hyfax on his Cat and it was really loud at all speeds. Turned out he didn't taper cut the rear of the hyfax and the track clips were catching on the squared off edge making all the racket. It cleared up on it's own eventually but it wasn't a pleasant ride. Most likely not the same sound you're experiencing.
I have my hyfax taper cut but, it may be too far back. I have a new set that I am going to put on to see if that is the issue. I also ordered all new bearings for the entire chassis as it has 10k miles on it. I clean and repack the bearings each spring before storage and again at midseason but, Cat bearings have never been good to start with so maybe new bearings will do the trick. Every pure Yamaha sled I have ever had has steel ball carriers in each bearing. The Cat bearings have plastic ball carriers in their bearings so maybe they don't last as long even with maintenance
The storm tracks with their unique lug pattern seems to generate complaints of howling above and beyond that of a normal track with uniform lug height. It could be lug design, it could be the way the weight is distributed by the track (center heavy).