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Phazer won't start


TY 4 Stroke Guru
Dec 14, 2009
South of Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA
2015 Ski Doo 900 ACE Renegade Adrenaline
2007 Yamaha Phazer GT
Here is the story. 07 GT with all the updates including cold start and grounding block. I had into my Yamaha mechanic in November for new plugs and replace coolant. I also put in a new Yuasa battery. New preminum fuel in the tank. That was a month ago. I went to start it today for the first time and it just cranks and cranks but never catches. I tried the trick to prime the injectors and same thing - just cranks.

I can hear the fuel pump turn on and I have updated the relay for it.

The rpms when cranking are over 300. The sled is stored in my garage but its been -25C all week here.

What should I be checking?

I'm hoping to find someone with a heated garage to put it in for a few hours and see what happens.

Thanks all!

OK got it going. I did 2 things:

1. Even though I charged the battery on the sled yesterday I brought it inside and changed it when it was warm. It took longer to fully charge.
2. Drained and refilled the tank with premium.

It started right up!