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Sidewinder issues

Top gear bushing, it happened to me, thought I blew belt, open clutch side cover and my secondary was still spinning while the sled was stopped, not good!!

Very common issue, pull the chain case apart and look at the gear design, it will make sense, can be as cheap as a $20 bushing to repair...

We have a 2020 sidewinder and a 21 sidewinder. The last few rides have been below zero. During a ride, typically at speeds 70-80 mph for a fair distance it will at times act like the belt blows, lose power and basically stop with Reving up. We come to a stop, but it won’t go. Turn it off, wait a few minutes and it drives like nothing happened. Any clues what this could be? The last time, I pulled the side panel and could see the primary clutch engage the belt but it the sled won’t move
Sounds like the the reverse actuator solonoid isn't holding it in drive anymore the top gear bushing could be sloppy causing it to pop out