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Sold my Sidewinder Dragsled and Bought back my Baybe


TY 4 Stroke Guru
Oct 28, 2009
Yamaha Nytro and SideWinder BTX
So i sold my Sidewinder i bought in 2017 that i builded to a Topfuel snow dragster.
Bought back my Nytro that i bought new in 2009 and used it in the mountains til i builded it to a Topfuel snowdragster
that i still have the Norewegian record with on snow.

No i will buildt it as i dreamed of before i sold it.
Took the turbo away from the tunel and closed the hole in the tunel so i can lower the chassi closer to the track.
Will now sidemount the turbo on the right side with custom header.
Will also run 10000rpm and therefor took the stock ecu and harnes of and will be using MaxxEcu.

Bought me a 2016 Viper engine with the better crankshaft and shipped the block and head to Hurricane
and had him to machine Narrisist rings ( Fire Rings) into the motor.
Hurricane makes a new headgasket that fits the rings.

I ported the head and trottlebody.
Bought Arp 625+ aged forged headstuds,maybe not nessasery when it now have the fire rings but no it is solid.
Stronger rods and pistions, so think the motor can handle loooots of boost :)

Will use Tapp primary and stock secundery,must see how it will work out with 38-40 psi of boost with SnowMaxx studs.
For the clutch belt i dont know yet what to use,but ThunderProducts will guide me the way.

Hopefully i get it up and running ready for this winters races :)

awesome, the only record you will be breaking is your own...nothing better than that!!
anyone thats know what number the Ultimax xs have compared to 8DN ? Just asking becouse i want to try xs in my Nytro dragster
Incredible a true rocket I am sure. HAVE FUN and be SAFE