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Stryke shim


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Dec 30, 2020
Cape Breton, NS
2015 Viper S-TX-DX - Traded
2023 Sidewinder LTX-GT
Hey all,

Has anyone changed the shims in the Stryke skis? Mine came with a 0 shim in the front & a .5 in the rear. Which, to my understanding, was to make the steering easier. Which to me seems redundant on eps. But when I removed the stock carbides at 1,250 klm to put Snow Trackers on, the rear carbide was shot. So to me that means too much pressure on the rear.

So I picked up the shim pack and intend to swap the rear shims for 0’s. Before I do that, has anyone else done this? What were your results if so?


I’m not sure about the stryke ski and shims but I do know the snow trackers work best when ski and trackers are level with the ground.
The shim pack comes with 2.5’s, 5’s & 7.5’s. So I’ll have to order the 0’s separate. Either that or put the 5’s in the front which should level the ski out.

For now I put 2.5’s in the rear and left the 0’s in front. Hope to try it out tomorrow.
I think the 2.5's are what it came with. I compared the 2.5's that came in my shim kit with the stock ones with no marking and I think they were the same. I would have to check though. Just put them next to each other and compare. Right now I have a 5.0 in the back and a stock one in the front, but I never got to try it out.
Ohh ok. I assumed the front ones with no markings were 0. I’ll check that tomorrow.

I was out the last 2 days on this set up. Spring conditions though so changing from ice in the am, to great, to soft & back to ice through the day. From what I can tell the 2.5’s made steering a little tougher but an insignificant amount. I’ll have to continue to asses next season.