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Summer storage on a RX-1

Discussion in 'RX General Talk' started by kampkoleviper, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. kampkoleviper

    kampkoleviper Veteran

    2006 Apex GT
    Just wondering on any tips for summer storage on a 03 RX-1. I bought this at the end of our season in PA, its to short around here so I'm gonna get ready to put it away any one have any tips? I don't know a whole lot about these sleds as I converted from my blown up viper this year. but I've been reading up on this site and am learning alot great site any help will be appreciated.

    :yam: :4STroke:

  3. Indy

    Indy VIP Member VIP Member

    Muncie, Indiana
    battery tender if you want. sea foam in tank, let it run into the motor for a few minutes. shut her down. your done. I start mine a few times, like every 6 weeks during the summer, thats all.
  4. 03RX1-ER-LE

    03RX1-ER-LE VIP Member VIP Member

    M-Th Livonia Mich F-S Oscoda Mich
    2011 Apex XTX 6088 miles
    2009 Apex ER 6444 miles

    2016 Sport Haven 12 foot Hybrid trailer

    Tow Vehicle
    2019 F-150 Super Crew 4x4 2.7L EcoBoost in of course Yamaha (Velocity) Blue!
    Livonia Michigan
    There is a thread on this already going, click on the link for your answers. Also the subject comes up every year, you can do a search if you would like, for even more information on this. http://www.ty4stroke.com/viewtopic.php?t=71858
    :4STroke: :yam: :rocks:
  5. RX1Jim

    RX1Jim TY 4 Stroke Junkie

    Poughquag NY
    Here is the list of things I do to my 03 RX-1 to prepare it for storage. Some of these items are purely for storage and some are preparations for next season. I'll probably get some grief over this list but I go on 1500 - 2000 miles tours in Quebec, often alone, so I use this list to help ensure reliability. The more you do now, the less you will have to do in a rush at the strat of next season Here is what I do for storage:
    1. remove the battery and put it on a battery tender.
    2. remove the rear suspension. disaasemble, clean it and relube it. Look for cracks in the front "W" arm. Now is the time to repair it. Remove the bearings from each bogie wheel, pull the seals, clean and repack them with synthetic grease. These bearings will last many, many thousands of miles if they are cleaed and greased periodically. Most of the damage to these bearings happen over the summer when the accumulated water in them cause the balls and races to rust. Inspect and replace the hyfax if required.
    3. reinstall the rear suspension with the springs on the lowest setting and leave the track loose
    4. remove the drive axle bearing on the speedometer pickup side. Remove the seals, clean and repack with grease.
    5. Drain the chaincase, remove the outer cover. Clean out the chaincase, adjust the chain tension, reassemble and add a synthetic chaincase lube.
    I actually diassemble the chaincase so I can remove the bearing right behind the seconary clutch so I can inspect, clean and repack the bearing with fresh grease.
    6. Drain and replace the engine coolant every other year with a 50% water, 50% antifreeze solution with 6 ounces of Redline water wetter.
    7. Diassemble the front suspension, clean all the joints, reassemble after greasing all the moving points with synthetic grease.
    8. Change the engine oil and filter
    9. Remove the carbs, give them a thorough cleaning paying close attention to the jets. Spray storage fogging oil on the inside of the float bowls areas, reassemble and reinstall.
    10. Either drain all of the gas or add Stabil to the gas.
    11. Remove the spark plugs and spray a small amount of storage oil into the cylinders.
    12. Disassemble the ignition coils, i.e. remove the 2 rubber parts, clean the end which connects to the spark plug with either brake cleaner or electrical contact cleaner and blow out this end with compressed air. Metal dust builds up in the connection region which leads to arcing and major performance loss. Reassemble the coils and apply a small amount of dielectric grease to the ruber boot which slides over the spark plug.
    13. remove the drive belt and apply a light coating of WD40 on the clutch faces. This must be cleaned off with acetone prior to use next season.
    14. Give the engine compartment a good thorough cleaning and inspection
    15. plug the exhaust outlets with rubber plugs or anything to keep rodents out
    16. Plug or cap the airbox inlet to keep rodents out
  6. YammieMan

    YammieMan Extreme

    2003 Yamaha RX1
    Wow! That sounds intense! But probably a great idea. You should make a YouTube video on this that way I can follow exactly what you are doing. You still have the sled?
  7. 2005 RX1 Mountain Dan

    2005 RX1 Mountain Dan Veteran

    2005 Yamaha RX1 Mountain
    RX1 Jim, Your list is crazy. Thanks for sharing

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