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Turbo Dynamics Canada Dyno results

SO if we purchased a flash already we should send the ECU??? to what address? Use the USPS from the states to you? Anyone have any experience as far as times?

Turbo Dynamics
299 Industriel #1
L'Ange Gardien
J8L 0a9 (that's a zero)
819-281-7639 (please call only if absolutely necessary, we are very busy)

If shipping ECU make sure you sent it for "repair" as we are not buying ECU. They can tax us on it if you put a large value even if you declare it's just for repair.
Do not use UPS when shipping to us. You can use USPS express service, fedex, or DHL, Purolator etc...
I personally would no insure the ECU. We have yet to lose a single ecu or package for that matter. The odds are 1 in 10 000 completely loss.
1 in a 1000 temporarely lost (they find it later).

If you put an insurance on it, we could be slapped with a bill because of the value declared (20-40$ usually)

Best video to show our mufflers is here when we first starting developping mufflers. We were one of the rare shops to have access to pre production models fore early muffler design and development.