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    Where does this go?

    cluster gasket?
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    Stalling XTX

    IACV will click when it bottoms out - its normal. You'll hear it move for a second or two, and then click once bottomed in the seat. You could have a clutching issue not letting it disengage and stalling out the sled.
  3. Beenba

    Star suspension on 2009 XTX

    One of the best mods I've made to my nytro. Send Robert your center shock while your at it, so the linkage cant invert when your limiter straps break (cost me a fortune and my seld trip years ago - I made a thread here years ago about it). Next best mod would be the vector gauge and handwarmers.
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    **Official Clutch Rattle Removal Thread w/ Pics**

    Never got around to it sorry folks. I only get to ride the thing for 2 months a year and just cant seem to find the time.
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    Nytro xtx fuel milliage

    145-150km and light will be on. 170 and its game over. I have stock tank 28L and 20,000km and have never ran out. Came close a few times!
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    Identify Nytro subframe by year?

    2008 had no bottom plate with the hole in it and had different geometry. 2009+ are all the same and have the plate with hole , a large plate at the rear, and some gussets. Grizztrack kit is easy to spot.
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    Looking for WRP seat

    After 19,000km my stock seat seems too soft and low. Especially after trading up with some friends Vipers. Anyone have one and want to sell? I'm in Ontario, shipping could work.
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    Has anyone used a 2stroke primary on their Nytro?

    thanks guys, I got a set a sheaves in good shape off another nytro and going to machine them. That's a good point about the spider, you can see the nytro one has clearance pockets and the 2 smoker doesn't. you could probably get away with using the 2 stroke sheaves and ntyro spider.
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    **Official Clutch Rattle Removal Thread w/ Pics**

    Hard to believe I started this thread 6 years ago, and it's still getting attention! As of lately everyone seems to think the rattle is from the roller bolts. But this is only one source. Easily eliminated with a o-ring under the nut. The other source is from the plastic spider paws, and the...
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    Has anyone used a 2stroke primary on their Nytro?

    The clutch sheaves on my nytro are shot after 18000km. I have a good condition vmax 700 clutch, looking at the fixed sheaves they similar, but you can see the moving sheave has been beefed up at the webbing/gussets on the nytro. Curious to know if anyone's used a 2 stoke clutch with success...
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    Hurricane sidewinder engine build

    Great post, I'm checking daily! Curious to know if the new pistons will drop the CR?
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    blown motor 08 nytro

    15,800km and only oil changes and did the plugs this year. knock on wood. shes a 09
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    Nytro Tunnel and bulk head

    Whoever wants the tunnel likely wants the ownership. Stolen sled or insurance write-off.
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    I've read that you've machined your primary for Overdrive. My Nytro just rolled over 15000km...

    I've read that you've machined your primary for Overdrive. My Nytro just rolled over 15000km, and I plan to do some clutch work and install 2 speed turk setup. When you machine for overdrive do you only machine the bottom faces of the clutch sheaves, or have you changed the angle at all? Cheers