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2021 Release?

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I no longer care. I love my Nytro, but it's time for me to jump ship. Maybe I could swing a Yamaha trail sled and a 2s mountain, but with so many bad winters lately, it's tough to spend that kind of money.
Again someone had to do it :Rockon:
I hear Yamaha has hired a second new team of new snomobile engineers to help the first new group of snowmobile engineers develop a totally new cutting edge chassis and engine, the first group specialized in sticker development and gadgets, something big is coming, I can feel it, 2021 is the year!!!, I also heard Yamaha is buying Cat???
Yamaha disappointing release again but I didn’t give up on them so I had to do it because the price was right and bought my first brand new sled since 1999 and wrote a check for a new left over 2018 Vector picking it up tomorrow morning
I heard next year the new yamaha 4strokes are Cat Procross, Honda engine, Polaris suspension, SkiDoo link system, with Yamaha stickers. Oh man, its gonna be sooooo badass
By or before 2022, I predict:

- A big bore 2 stroke or equivalent new mountain sled
- A mid-sized sled between the Sno Scoot and Phazer, something equivalent to a modernized Bravo or Enticer.
- Possibly a reboot of the Phazer

It's impossible for us to know what the balance of dealers are asking Yamaha. We have no visibility into that. All of the speculation and moaning is meaningless since we simply don't have the information, and Yamaha won't tell us anything.

Bring back the Enticer!
Bng. And maybe electric shocks on the winder 2 up. Oh and throw the ctec 600 in a 137.
I also heard Yamaha is buying Cat???

From a recent SEC filing:

Textron is in the third month of its restructuring plan that resulted in
product rationalization and the elimination of approximately 400 positions of Textron Specialized Vehicles’ /Arctic Cats' workforce, the closure of several factory-direct branch locations and a manufacturing facility. The restructuring actions also included the re-branding of some vehicles in the ATV line up back to Arctic Cat. However this plan has not produced the results that were expected in the operating results for these businesses. With that said we are looking at all of our options including the sale of the snowmobile segment.

It’s quite possible.
Not open for further replies.