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2023 Spring Order Sidewinders


TY 4 Stroke Guru
Sep 11, 2018
Apex 40 th
With the 2023 releases from other manufacturers….nothing from Yamaha ???
Makes you start to wonder if anything really new for the sidewinders . By the looks of some of these pictures looks to be 2 strokes or smaller 4stroke ??


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I'm expecting BNG and higher prices.

There were rumors that the Yamaha's will have Cat clutches moving forward. We will see if that is true.

I talked to a Doo dealer about a 900R today. It was 15% more than what I was quoted last season. He said they will fill their allocation of 850s and 900s in a week.

I'm going to be really interested to see how the other 3 brands run their program for 2023.
LOL I just took a quick glance and the ski loops of the middle sled line up perfectly with the spindle in the furthest sled. It looked very strange at first.
If those are real pics then you know!!!
Yamaha plans to be carbon neutral by 2050 so we got just a few years to still enjoy fossil fuels and piston engines.. There research has shifted to development and sales of motors like their newest 350 kilowatt 469 horsepower compact that we shall soon see in various cars.. And who can dispute almost instant full power this motor can achieve? Small compact and so powerful. Problem is it not for snowmoblies… Nor do batteries like cold weather… Plug in and charge is coming like it or not… Yes we will see electrification soon …Now back to 2023 models…. Hope they shock us once again …
I say….BNG and possibly new gauge package to compete with doo and Polaris.
6-8% wouldn't be bad.

Doo was 15% higher compared to last season with 1 year less warranty.