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2023 Spring Power Surge

Same for me, I bought a new 2018 sidewinder in April of 18. For 12,400.00 with 2 year warranty and 0 percent interest for 5 years. I added an extra 3 years for 300.00. If things do not change, I will be done when my sled becomes undependable. Hard to justify 20+ thousand for a couple of months a year. Over the years I have purchased many Yamaha sleds with the first being 1973 643b.
You say that but you bought your sled for about what it can sell for now. So in that sense it cost you nothing do far.

Yes. We stopped in there in February to look at helmets for my wife. They had a used 1200 Blizzard on the showroom floor and they wanted $14k for it. That sled didn't even cost that new.

Those are advertised prices. Maybe they knock a large chunk off that in the negotiations to make the buyer feel like they are getting a deal?

The fact that they have 25 sleds in stock leads me to believe they don't.
In regard to sidehoggers reply in thread #71,Franks repair for the lower driveshaft fit issue ( many are .002 loose,journal vs inner race) put this issue away.2 full seasons later,3,500 miles no isues.He is the Essex Juntion dealer
Has anyone gotten delivery of 2023 yet? Heard they were starting delivery this October.