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**All Classifieds Posters** PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES!!!!!

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You must be a VIP to use the classifieds. If you are a standard user please use the 7 day Classifieds for your sales.

All Classifieds Users:

In order to sell as a user in our classifieds you will be required to be a VIP. You will NOT need to be a VIP to buy, or respond to a post in the classifieds. As a VIP you will only be allowed to part out 1 personal sled before we will consider you a paying classifieds advertiser. You can sell numerous misc parts that have piled up over the years but you will need to make that clear when posting to help us out. With the increase in new users only registering to make sales and the problem with scams we hope this will help all party's. Once again I cant express enough how important it is to use some kind of protected service such as PayPal to help your transaction.

Standard VIP membership is only $15 per year and its a small cost to give back to Totallyamaha for allowing your to sell your parts.


Posting Tips:

1. Make sure you location is filled out in your profile. Makes the whole buying and selling process so much easier if people know where you are located. Ads placed without your location appearing on the left by your user name are subject to being deleted or locked without notice

2. Some people still cant read. Ads must start with F/S
ads that aren't started with the abbreviations ..."for sale" are subject to deletion or locking without notice

Due to the multiple Ebay adds being placed in the classifieds and creating bidding wars at no payback to Totallyamaha, we have made the decision to discontinue allowing users to post these ads. All Ebay ads will be removed from this date forward.

No VIP user will be able to buy and part out multiple sleds on the site with out permission, This will require a special classified ads fee.
Only personal sleds, parts and misc parts from home are currently allowed.

Please try to help give your fellow sledders with as much info as possible for contact, phone, name, price, etc....

Then when you sell, or buy the item you are looking for, please edit your thread title to delete or sold.

3.When purchasing or selling product on the site, it is in your best interest to get all of the info upfront prior to exchanging any money or product. Collect all info from the person such as phone numbers, emails, address and so on.

All transaction problems need to be handled on your own through PMs, emails or what ever contact info you have. Totallyamaha is no responsible for your transaction issues nor do we have the time to watch the entire classified transactions taken place. This area is a perk for you and you as users need to protect it and take care of it or it will be removed.

If there are continuing problems without resolution, any users that are involved in the dispute will loose their account and access rights to the site.

If you cannot handle the issue on your own and you take it to the open forum you will also loose your privileges to access the site. You must take all steps to handle this quietly off the site or through PMs.

People have to understand that there are many unforeseen circumstances that come up that may cause a shipment or payment to go south. You need to take it upon yourself to handle these issues accordingly. If you think someone is not a good buyer/seller we have the “User Reputation” (TY Forum Only) that should be looked at prior to buying or selling from that user.

As a final stand you can turn them into the authorities, as you would have all the required info collected from the initial transaction.

Finally, if you don’t like what someone else is selling or what they are asking for a product, keep the comment to yourself or I will remove you as well as you obviously have nothing good to offer the site.
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