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Apex/Attak Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are the direct thread links to many of the frequently asked questions. Feel free to direct other site members to this thread where their questions have already been answered by our outstanding site members.

How to install a Ulmer Clutch kit
Helix # Reference Charts

2011 & Up Video on how to change your oil
Ulmer Oil Filter Relocaion Kit for 2011-13 Apex Install
Y-Pipe Flange Only Replacement
Code 12 Crank Sensor Replacement Info
Crank Sensor Replacement Info
Apex Stator Inf
Changing Fuel CO Settings on 06-12 Apex info or go to TY4 Thread to the same info.

Adjust your reverse

How to change your belt
What Belt to Use
Yamaha Belt Alternative

Carbide advice
Is 6" too much for non studded Apex?
Stock ski carbide replacement
Stud Boy Deuce

Electrical Gremlins
Grounding points INSIDE harness-no crank and no fuel pump
Solving Starter Relay Corrosion and air intake screw tightening
Solid State Relay Part number 8GN-81950-00-00

Error Codes
Full List of Error Codes with Descriptions
Error Code #35
Reseting Codes on Gauge Pod

How to adjust your EX-UP Power Valve - Video
Another how to adjust your EX-UP Power Valve - by john10toe
Exhaust Donuts & Y Pipes....Step by step
How to test my AEM Air Fuel Gauge

Chain Case: How to Change Oil
Chain Case: Which Lube Should/Can I Use?
Engine Oil: Change Instructions with Pics
Engine Oil: How much oil after change?
Engine Oil: Tips on first oil change
Engine Oil: How to clean oil tank screen?
Engine Oil: Which Oil Should/Can I Use? and Another Thread on same topic
Steering Lubrication
Engine Oil: Reset Oil Change Meter on newer Apexs

Pictures of Various Installed Handguards
Rox Handguards for Apex/Attak with pictures
Skinz Handguards

Handwarmer Fix from Nos-Dan
Rs Vector /Apex loose steering fix
Handwarmer Upgrade to 06 Models with Installation Instructions

Idler Wheels
General Bearing Maintenance
Dennis Kirk Idler Wheel Solution with Pictures and part numbers
Polaris Wheels
Ski-Doo Wheels guide but also try Ski-Doo Specifics from site members Rex & maddogjeff
Upgrading Your Idler Wheels

Luggage Options
Bags for Apex or Attak
Front Storage Bag with Installed Pictures
Yamaha Bag Options

Become a VIP and be able to see online manuals.

Paint Codes
Portable Jump Packs
Adding LED Accent Lights
How to properly adjust your headlights
Battery Charging when Sled is not in Use
Caps Need for CR10EK Plugs?
Gear Change Instructions with Pictures
Heated Shield Installation
Jackshaft Bearing Change Instructions
Jackshaft and Drivehaft Bearing re-grease
Premium or Regular Gas?
Rear Heat Exchanger installation instructions with pics
Replacement Bright Light Bulbs
Seat Jack with Pictures and place to purchase
Spark Plug replacement instructions with pictures
Should I Install a Skid Plate?
What is Engine Breaking?
Yamaheater Handwarmers
Y.E.S. Warranty Worth it?
Pull start your Apex via the Clutch-Video
Apex battery tray mod to make oil change easier

Season End Site Member Ride Reviews
10000 Mile Review Mdkinu
4Fighter, Michigan U.P., 2007 Attak GT
craze1cars, Indiana, 2006 Attak
z1029384756a, Saskatchewan, 2006 Attak
Yellow Knife's video comparing 2006 Attak with Rev platform

Attak Stock Ski
Best Attak Ski
C&A Razor setup
How to Shim Your Skis with pictures
Slydogs with Bergstrom Triple Points
Pilot Ski Review with part numbers
Simmons on a GT
What Does Everyone Have for Ski's on their Apex's

Attak pattern suggestion
Apex suggestions for groomed trail rider
Apex RTX or Apex RTX 07 or Apex RTX 06
Outside center belt
Pattern: 144 with pictures
Pattern discussion
Pattern for Mono Shock
People not studding Apex/Attak models and To Stud or not to Stud
Studding FAQ or Apex FAQ
What to do about stud tear out
Will 1.45" studs fit?
Studding an SE, Look Here!
Studding an SE Fix

Install 137 R-motion into Apex
2011 Apex/Vector Lubrication
Suspension Torque Specs
Shock Valving 101
Single Shot Shock Set-Up
Apex Monoshock vs Proactive Suspension Locations
RTX Idler wheel replacement CK Skid
XTX Suspension Settings
Ulmer Mega Float EL Air Preassure Kit Install
Ulmer Mega Float EL Air Preassure Kit Install by MrSled
Idler wheels,2 bolt mounts,Mono skid fixes
Big Boy Spring Part Numbers and Sizes
Extending an Attak to 144"?
Hyfax Options: OEM, Graphite, or Aftermarket?
Mono Shock Set-Up Procedure
Ohlins Mono Shock Cable Routing and Set up
Adjusting your Transfer Rod
Tool to Adjust your Transfer Rod
Removing Your Mono Shock Suspension
Setting Ride Height on Apex GT
Front Suspension bushing replacement

Sway Bar
How to Install a Sway Bar

How to: 2011 Yamaha Apex track change Video
Understanding Track Length and Pitches
Changing the Track
Track Options
Track Recommendations
Replacement options for Rip Saw

TY Apex Add-on and Reviews
Hurricane Apex 167HP Upgrade and Clutching
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Sway Bar

I have purchased an 08 Apex GT LTX. I was wondering if any knows if they had updated the sway bar or if it is still a 10 mm. bar. I log in about 700 miles last year on an Apex GT and although it had the Ohlin shock package it still seemed like ot needed to be flatened out some. Also where could I order a larger diameter sway bar?
wow this is great,

Is there a list like this for the rs ventures? I have a 2011 brand new and would love to see more details on what and how to do things on this beast.
new4stroker said:
Is there a list like this for the rs ventures? I have a 2011 brand new and would love to see more details on what and how to do things on this beast.

We have been building these lists over the years.. nothing yet but just ask the question and we will assist you the best we can on what to do... there is quite a few things that overlap with different models.
I noticed the link for the error codes no longer works so I thought I would upload them here..


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Does anyone know what F_OOO means on the dashboard of a 2011 apex. looking for help and thank you