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Is is possible to get a cold weather kit still? I finally hit temps that were too much...


Jan 1, 2020
2007 Phazer Fx
I have a 07 Phazer that finally wouldn't start for me. I have looked at these (helpful) forums and I realize that I have a Phazer that was never upgraded for the cold start. It has been slow to start since I bought it a few years ago, but this time it was too much for it. The temps were well below 0F (-10 to -16F) in the night. Is there any way to get this kit still? I would prefer to have the peace of mind. Thanks!

I have been looking also and have not found new, ebay has a few ecu only and are asking high prices. the updated one has a 10 at end not 00 fyi.
A friend of mine has an '07 with the original ECU. It doesn't start on its own in the cold so he just resorted to keeping a can of ether handy. A quick squirt down each throttle body and it fires right up. He doesn't want to spend the money on an ECU so this works for him. I have two 2010 GT's and they both start fine even at -20F. The newer ECU's do seem to work.
74Nitro, looking online, no one seems to have it. If you know of any..
I appreciate the replies, I have the machine apart currently to find an oil leak and I think it is from the spin on oil filter being loose (or working itself loose).
My local dealer had 2 on hand and I scooped one up after I had a customer accidently fry his box while troubleshooting.
The kit may not be available but you can probably buy the ECU separately. They don't list the decomp springs separately. Valve cover gasket is available.

Be ready for sticker shock though. A new ECU 8GC-8591A-10-00 is $726USD at Partszilla. I'd just try and find a used one. The decomp springs aren't that essential. The main problem is the old ECU not opening the fuel injectors until some oil pressure is built up. That's why it will fire with quick start spray.
I just tried this NEMISPORTSMAN, and it worked like magic. Thanks for the workaround.
Now I will have confidence until I can score a upgraded ECU (that will not run me an arm and a leg).

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone.
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Also sent it to my son. His is a 09 however is running an original 07 ECU I had because his fried.
Awesome! So many years of wondering will she go and ether first start of season! Do you know any more of the modes in Diagnostic or does anyone have a list? This is going in FAQ. Thank You!
I think most of the modes are already on the site somewhere. The majority of them are shared across all product lines as well, where applicable.
I've found that I still have to use ether for the first start of the season. I run premium "non-ethanol" for storage but by the following winter it still doesn't want to burn easily. I can smell gas coming out the tailpipe but no fire up. A quick squirt of ether and away it goes. It's fine all winter after refilling with fresh fuel though even in -20F temps.

The diagnostic mode can check/actuate pretty much anything the ECU controls. Fuel pump, rad fan, headlight, ect can all be turned on/off through diag mode. Pretty slick setup they came up with, no plug in scan tool needed. It allowed me to diagnose a bad TPS easily without a trip to a dealer.