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sled weights

Last year I had a Sidewinder RTX and my wife’s 2019 900T Adrenaline. When these weights came out I thought they were BS. My wife’s sled is significantly easier to lift from any point, and it feels much lighter while riding.

This year I bought a 2024 900R. It is heavy. It feels just as heavy to lift as my Sidewinder. I wish I would have weighed all 3 for comparison.

The adrenaline is the lightest version in the Doo lineup, but start adding all the bracing, shocks and other hardware is when it adds up. I remember when I had a work friend that brought in the front X shocks and the heavier XRS shocks, just the front XRS shock alone were 15 lbs heavier than the X shocks. Add the bracing in the XRS, the smart shock package, the bigger dashes and hardware and you'd be amazed on how it all adds up! They get heavy, but know that an adrenaline is by far the lightest 900 out there, but it missing the good shock, bracing and all the other good stuff the top of the line model WRS comes with. The different Winders also have weight differences too.

agree. the big xrs with all kimd of electronic suspensions and 32” screen dash with the big 900turbo r engine im there. omdoubt these are in same teritory as sidewinders/cats

BUT a normal adrenaline sled. ( the model I like best to start from). are nimbler