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Yamaha viper throttle and intake


Feb 6, 2022
2016 viper MTX LE
Hey guys n gals, new owner of a 2016 viper MTX LE with a mpi 180 kit. Picked sled up on Friday. Got a chance to take it for a spin today, and wow does it pull hard compared to my old 800etec. I’ve got 2 questions I’m having a hard time finding answers for.
Today, after landing down on a drift and falling into the handlebars bad I felt something let go in the throttle lever, not sure what everything is still intact and looks good, but now it has a bunch of up and down free play. Never used to before, almost like the pin holding it on is broke or wore out but it’s in one piece still. Has anyone had an issue like this? Could I pull the pin out and just put a bolt and nut on instead?
And I noticed that the sled doesn’t have a real filter, the intake comes through the hood and has a pre filter to keep the snow out but there’s no real filter underneath, assuming it should have a filter what is everyone using for filters on them? If any.
Any tips on these sleds is greatly appreciated, I want to make sure it’s 100% before I make a trip out west to the mountains, thanks

there is a small "E" clip on the bottom of the pin that is the pivot point for the throttle lever. I had one come off on my Nytro and it had the same up/down motion you are talking about if I am interpreting your comments right. i would also pull the pivot pin and make sure it is not broken.
Sounds like we’re talking about same thing. I’ll take a look at it thank you. Can it just be replaced with a bolt?
I would not use a bolt as the threads will wear through the pivot points on the lever or the body of the throttle assembly.
E clips available everywhere. The bolt would have to be tiny as the pin is the size of a Bic pen refill in diameter.
I’m a little lost, something so simple but doesn’t make sence. I took it apart, the clip, pin and the bushing along with the 2 plastic washers are all there and look brand new. But the hole in the plastic body that’s bolted onto the handlebars isn’t a circle hole for the pin and bushing to tightly fit into, it’s more of an oval, and looks like it was made that way from the factory. I’ve looked at the parts diagram and there’s no missing parts. Are they made to be loose? I’ve gotta be overlooking something
I figured it out, you can see on part #

8JP-H2620-00 (#2 in picture) there are 2 washers with lips that are secured inside the assembly, those are missing allowing it to play around and be sloppy, thanks for the help everyone!
The oval in the throttle assembly is correct. When you push on the throttle lever the pivot pin slides to one side of the oval and makes a small switch associated with the Throttle Over Ride system (TORS). The ECU then knows you are pushing on the throttle. The cam that the throttle cable is attached to on the injection system also has a TORS switch. As you press the throttle that switch is also activated which the ECU knows as well. if you let off the throttle both switches changes state only if your throttle is not hung up. If one switch is in on and the other is off, the ECU is going to assume the throttle is hung open at which time the ECU puts the system in limp mode and over-rides the injection system.