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2018 viper spring maintenance


TY 4 Stroke Guru
Jan 23, 2015
Fergus, Ontario
2018 LTX DX
2016 RTX SE
My season is over, so I figured I’ll get my maintenance done so the sled is ready to go for next year. I always do this.
So I’ll start by saying my sled just turned over 14,000kms this past season so it needs some love. I do the usual maintenance like idler bearings every other year, oil change and gear oil every season etc.
I have been packing the jackshaft bearing annually and repacked the driveshaft bearing 2 seasons ago. Well, I took the driveshaft bearing off and replaced it and noticed the driveshaft is cooked, same as everybody else, shaft is worn right out. I’m actually surprised I made it past 14,000kms on that bearing lol. Let’s just say I noticed a vibration at my left foot during the second half of this season.

I plan removing the jackshaft bearing on the clutch side since everything is apart, I could continue to repack it each season, but might as well replace it…if I can get it out! Any help, tips or tricks on removing that bearing would be much appreciated.

This spring I plan on replacing the following parts:
•Driveshaft and new drive cogs if I can’t get the originals off and pressed back on.
•Brake rotor & pads
•Replace all idler bearings in skid
•New slides
•Oil & filter
•Chaincase oil
•Upper gear bushing
•Was going to replace reverse motor, but took it apart and noticed it’s a brass gear in there, grease is still good and it looks new inside.
•I believe it’s my speed sensor on the outside of the chaincase, well it fell off, so I’m assuming I can stick it back on with the gasket maker I use for the oil tank? Pretty dumb design….
•replace some rivets
•possibly a new snow flap
•thinking a new 1.5” ripsaw ll track for next season, original 1.25” ripsaw ll track is still in very good shape with 1 1/8” left.

Am I missing anything??

Don't forget to service your shocks. Look at those torsion spring clips, your probably due with your milage.
I had the shocks rebuilt last year, I’ll definitely be going through the entire skid frame and will check those torsion spring clips.