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Check your air intake/clutches

Was at dealer yesterday and talked to the tech that just came back from SW school. The filters are used in other applications and come oiled from the manufacturer. Wash all the oil off.
bringing this back around...thinking if some are having belt issues ..I had cleaned mine and the clutches...went and did the roller swap...more oil in crevices of secondary...
2020 SRX . added a catch can to trap oilly water from rov hose to air box , getting oil on clutchs .After 150 km over 2 oz oilly crap was in the can , previously on clutchs no wonder some are blowing belts
i have oil in my belly pan too. I run a CAI, so wondering if its coming from the ROV... possibly too much engine oil ? Makes sense as that large hose coming off the ROV is aimed downward between engine and frame. coincidentally where the oil is on my belly pan / clutches