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Check your air intake/clutches

I checked mine. SJ and I bought from the same dealer. Mine had a lightly oiled filter but it wasn't excessive. No dripping anywhere. I'm guessing the guy that did SJ's got a little carried away. Like I said already, with the issues I had with my Mach Z, I'm pleased to see an oiled foam filter.

All the Prototypes at Milwaukee the filters were oily but it was definitly not the sticky filter type oil it may have just been engine oil.
My concern is under higher boost..there is a significant vacuum...and it being drawn in and coating a sensor
At the Yami dealer today, I checked the air filter. It was oiled. However, not with a yellow sticky substance. The techs there said they see some of the units come in (side by sides and bikes and sleds) with that yellow oil sprayed on them. The thought was to prevent corrosion. Someone may have been over exuberant with the spray on that unit.
Prevent corrosion of what..a plastic basket with a foam filter?

Who the hell is spraying these..the dealer or cat?
The dealer has received units FROM the manufacturer with metallic parts coated with that yellow sticky oil like substance.

The stock air filter on the SW is coated in a non-blue and non-yellow oil. I touched the filter and it appeared like a 10W-30 on my hand.
They come with some sort of "oil" on them, it's NOT the same thing as Yamaha air filter oil, which is blue in color.

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since nothing in the pdi and manual talks about filter oil...AND my cat turbos came and ran with non oiled filters...I see no reason to keep whatever that crap is on it...I washed mine (removed basket from filter) thoroughly and air dried.
the belt dust theory makes sense...more reason to run a 8dn!

for those who want to not run it oiled...I removed...remove the filter media from the basket backing....I used dawn dish soap solution , but you can use filter cleaner ....let thoroughly air dry before returning
Filter is meant to be dry per Tech Update