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Kingers BOOSTED garage....

Fuel pump location. Hard to find a spot for this long walbro. Hopefully it will prime and stay primed as the tank empty’s.

Also ordered a 40 micron pre filter and will have the fancy pants post pump F750 filter.

So far I added a 30amp relay direct to the battery with a circuit breaker for the fuel pump power, essentially bypassing all the OEM wiring, relays and fuses.

I added my Super Capacitor (I believe its a 15 farad) to my lithium battery

I bought a OEM ski doo fuel gauge and grommet to mount into my fuel tank, the sender Ohms are same as OEM yamaha (10 ohms full, 90 empty) this is MUCH easier then adapting my yamaha sender, as I could not find ANY sealant or other adhesive that would hold up long term. Poly fuel tanks are a tough thing to stick anything to.

-8AN main feed is complete from tank to rail it includes:
Bean Machine micro sump to -8AN
-8AN earls 85 micron inline pre filter
-8AN Walbro 255 LPH external model GSL392
-8AN to Dry connect fitting
-8AN to Injector dynamic F750 fuel filter (meets the strict Bosch filter requirements AND flow) $$$
-8AN to 5/16" 8AN fuel rail adapter

Fuel return I bailed on -6AN and went with good ole rubber LOL It is only 10" long, I did add a new 90 degree fitting on my fuel regulator so I can probably access the spark plugs now

Fuel vent just coming from top of tank and going into a check valve that lets air in, and looping it on the sides like factory and finally connecting into the clutch side footwell.

Modified my IC brace so I could tighten it with a ratchet and not take 1/4 turns with a open end :rolleyes:

The only thing I screwed up on is the access to my grease zerk on the turbo is now blocked, I will need a 90 degree zerk now. Forgot about that until the end :o|

Need to re-attach the IC and finish the wire and plumbing tuck, then fill it and see if it build any fuel pressure and how many leaks I have LOL
Stopped by the shop before work, got the final connector on my fuel pump so I can remove the tank for service, and my meth to 1/4NPT to 4AN snubber tube adapter sealant drying so I can make my 4AN meth line from tank to snubber tube.

T minus 24 hours...
Back home...vid coming soon showing the last week thrash and results.

Flame is proving to be reliable finally, logged another 300-400 miles on it and it was turn key, nice to finally ride it! Glad it and BOB are on alternating break down schedules. ;)

BOB- went about 6 miles on Lake Namakagon easing into the boost and stopping to check things out when I realized the meth pump stopped and fuel tank was expanding...

BOB - Fuel tank fail on my part. I transferred my old fuel vent to the new tank and there is a check valve in there that lets air in but not OUT! The tank blew up like a balloon from the heat. I don't think its deformed and melted permanently, I haven't looked at it yet. Some wire insulation was melted off the new fuel sender unit I installed. The video will show how this is the last place I thought I would have had enough heat to melt some wire! My fuel cap from the impulse kit has another tank vent on it so apparently it needed more air IN and they added the check valve line but only had the cap to vent OUT. So I installed the tank with no vent OUT. I figured the check valve would release pressure at like 3-4psi or or something...nope..

Meth pump just stopped it was working when I left the shop. I can test it with a app on my phone to turn the pump on and electric relay makes noise but pump is dead. I guess they are not waterproof and I washed it up from the fire extinguisher chemical and maybe used to much water??

BOB - Thermal issues - The compressor of the turbo was HOT HOT, I burned my hands it and the tunnel about 4" BEHIND the inferno heat shield. So much heat! I think my exhaust valve being closed is just generating a ton of heat. I saw EGTs in the 1500-1600 range just lightly cruising no boost. I think the heat shield is creating a swirling action around the turbo and fuel tank so its not escaping. I have to figure out how to create some sort of laminar flow that I can direct and get fresh air in around the turbo and out with all the heat quickly...

Big bummer...parked the trailer at farm not shop and going to let my hands heal up and re-group on how to fix this and create heat flow and probably work on it this summer.
@kinger maybe you should rename BOB to FLASH and you can have FLAME and FLASH!! Hope you get the bugs ironed out for next season!