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Kingers BOOSTED garage....

If that's a 66 series Aerocharger on it, depending on which size, it's good to about 12 lbs on an Apex engine.

Well that was short lived, started it up, loaded up killa bee then came back it chugging on 2 cyl until its death. Fouled a plug for sure. Was pig rich. Its never done that in its life. Must be something off in the tune.

On the orange flame tomorrow I guess!
Did 70 miles. Was pissed BOB didn't make it but the flame did back up duty like a

It was all over shadowed by my LEGAL 13 yr old daughter driving for her first time alone and handled Killa bee like a pro! She had sooo much fun and already pulling up the forecast on her own and bitching about the 40 degree temps coming next week like a true sled head!

Sometimes it’s possible to get caught up going fast, but going 30mph watching your kid falling in love with the sport is truly more rewarding!! I’ll get to BOB but Im going to savor today! It was my birthday and I couldn't have had a better day!

Fuel pump location. Hard to find a spot for this long walbro. Hopefully it will prime and stay primed as the tank empty’s.

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I need more "hoping" I am having issues before I even left the shop where if it doesn't have 5 gallons in it, its not building fuel pressure or running well. This is NOT what I was hoping for. I don't really have a good plan to fix it either. On a trail it will be different with fuel sloshing around but so far not a happy camper, I really wanted to suck the tank dry, as its one thing I really wanted was 120+ miles of range. I do have a Holley hydramat, might have to use that somehow.