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Kingers BOOSTED garage....

Seems plausible that with all that heat build-up (ie. no turbo blanket, wastegate pipe partially directed on top of tunnel vs thru it, etc.) that the wires got burnt from the tunnel getting heat soaked. Considering you also taped the wires to the tunnel as well, it's a possibility.

Found it. Exhaust shifted and was blowing exhaust on top of the tunnel not IN the tunnel. That’s the heat source. I’ll weld in some extensions to get the exhaust in the tunnel.


Thats a wrap for the season! Quick summary -

BOB - Installed a new meth system, and got the Motec to control it, made a ton of tuning changes all for the better, but failed on me with surprise fire from fuel pump wire igniting a decade of fuel vapor soaked foam in the Boss seat. Saved the sled, installed a Trail Tank Ski doo XP fuel tank that was a nightmare to make work on my set up, then exhaust worked loose and started melting things above the tunnel. Total miles 30 ish

Orange Flame - FINALLY did a complete season with no break downs went from 720 miles on the ODO to 1305 miles. The power was fun in the trails but a BTX is a handful and not for the faint of heart. Hard to steer and accelerates very hard with literally no slip.

Summer Plans:
I will get BOB fixed, in fact I welded extensions on the exhaust yesterday. After that some minor things need to be addressed but the sled will be the LEAST amount of work to make it run this year compared to the last 2 years. Looking forward to starting to get to some cosmetic improvements and weight reduction. Also NEED a dyno, cannot express that enough, so I will try hard to get it on a dyno, I had an agreement from a company but they kept pushing me off. Hopefully can make that happen this summer.

Orange Flame - Well since I literally wrote the FAQ on how to make them reliable, I will do a series on "Bullet proofing" the sidewinder. On youtube any video on the sidewinder gets double or triple views compared to BOB. The apex cult is the minority I guess. It developed a oil leak from the tank just sitting in my shop so I will go through and give a TOP gear, driveshaft saver bearing, clutch rollers, and MPS kit to help steering effort and snow trackers for my MTX skis. The skid will need to be gone through adding dupont slides and I'll do a shaft saver and tunnel brace to make sure it doesn't bend. That is basically it and then I should have a mechanically reliable winder that will serve backup duty again to BOB.

Killa Bee - Is just chillin our flywheel fix worked great, we got about 220 miles on it and runs perfect zero issues. I did chaincase fluid this year so it really needs nothing. Hyfax looked great. If anything I may look at suspension upgrades to make it a little smoother and softer for my aging dad but it doesn't need it. If BOB runs he can ride the flame and surprisingly that is the most comfortable sled in the fleet.

These things are a lot of work I tell ya! BOB took a lot out of me this winter trying to create my 500hp super sled for the trails has been a challenge but I keep learning and I will get it. The sled has the potential to pull it off and be reliable, the engine, drivetrain, rear suspension, all are near bulletproof with good maintenance in the offseason.

Time to get the RZR out and get it ready for some summer fun!
Made some progress on the exhaust and wastegate I added a turn down so it fit my cut tunnel better, now ALL the exhaust it being forced into the tunnel. That should be the fix to the last of my problems that I had. I think I will go through the chainchase, bearings, ZX2, all need a maint refresh so its solid. In the build I sort of slapped all that together and forgot about it (Gotta love that apex chaincase, and ZX2 reliability!) and got distracted with compound boost control, the Motec, and Meth. So time to circle back and just make sure its solid from the primary clutch to the track.

Possible ideas I am wrestling with: Water/Air IC to replace my Air to Air, and small lightweight radiator/fan in rear to replace all the coolers. (use those coolers for the IC).
Totally normal.....
Whats a lil leak?
On the 3 prime method I have always used on first start for 4 strokes, take a peek at just to the right of the steering column down low, that is a mechanical fuel pressure gauge, I zoomed in and it was cool to see it prime up and increase pressure each time I turned the key. Validation that my method was always appropriate HAHA!
I don't have the guts to climb those LOL I am scared of heights and it gives me the hibby jibbys just watching them! Great vid though. I like that guys vids. I was looking for a chassis for custom project I had in mind and found this! 425lbs dry with the turbo. New built motor, I may just have to play with it before tearing it up LOL.
I would try it on your sled as long as no strings attached:) No way would do it on any of mine either! Merry Christmas Buddy. Awesome find!