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New Chassis for Arctic Cat for 2024 to be announced at Haydays!

in which case they have basically 2 options...pay the ransom or start from scratch I would guess. I'm not meaning to hijack this thread but I dont know how to start a new discussion...sorry folks for this. The only way to pay the ransom is through crypto...green backs dont work. unfortunate byproduct of the digital age. I hope the problem is solved soon, I want my boat running asap!!

3rd option. Restore from backup. Excerpt from an article concerning BPR cyperattack:

BRP's team, with the assistance of external advisors, are currently working to restore all internal systems from its back-up repositories. The Company confirms that the malware infiltration came through a third-party service provider. BRP believes that the impact of the cyberattack was limited to its internal systems.
3rd option. Restore from backup. Excerpt from an article concerning BPR cyperattack:
lets hope the hackers are not rewarded..even though the customers are not buying Yamaha's they should still get their sleds on time.
I really hope they don't look like the Cougar ZR 600 pics posted here. Those things are pretty fugly. They look too much like a Doo.
100% agree.....awful
The trend is to wrap the engine/chassis as tightly as possible with the bodywork while accounting for airflow, etc.. Given that chassis are now looking more alike, and engines basically being similar enough in form, the outcome is basically what one would expect from todays designers. To me its a bit 'common' looking but :dunno: my guess is that it is going to be pretty close to what you see in the renderings.
im kinda of curious how many people will be there at the unvail .
as looking around the old internet and other forums seems like not alot of action for this big reveal ?maybe its just me lol
The unveiling was ridiculous!!!!
Wonder if Cat will share the chassis with Yamaha, or will the Yamaha agreement just pertain to the pro cross, until Cat shoe horns the 998 in the new chassis I'm thinking your stuck with the pro Cross, Textron may use their own 4 stroke in this Chassis, there was hints that Yamaha may expand the 998 to another OEM, Interesting what direction Yamaha and Cat goes with this, also maybe Yamaha had a hand in designing the new chassis, just saying.
Yep, very true on the wide body, sense we only are seeing the narrow 600 version, thinking we may see Cat up it to a new 850 or 900 for this chassis, Yamaha is only offering the 998 T in the 4 stroke for there performance sleds, who knows the 998T may very well fit in this chassis.
it was very fun to be there , we where behind the mnt sled.
im curious .see more info on this as it goes.