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Procedure for boost leak detection


Mar 22, 2020
SW Ontario
'20 SRX
I searched but couldn't find a detailed how-to to check these turbos for leaks. Not sure what everyone is using to pressurize, where to pressurize, etc. Could some one post their set-up and test procedure please or point me to the thread where it has already been discussed. Thanks.

Merry christmas, to do mine i gathered up a air pressure regulator, a trip to my local hardware store for pvc connectors to hook into intercooler hose where it comes off turbo, drilled and tapped threads into pvc cap on, threaded air hose nipple into the cap, hook the air hose to this, turn up air regulator up to 5-10 psi rotate motor slowly by hand counter clockwise till you get the least amount of air leakage out of motor, listen for leaks, opps forgot after you find the sweet spot turn reg up to about 20psi then check for leaks by ear and spray bottle with soap and water, you will hear some air going by the valves no way to totaly get no air passing by someplace in motor. Hope this helps, i believe turbo dynamics has a video on this also.
Do a SEARCH in Sidewinder section.
I think Turbo Dynamics started one & many chimed in with their homemade tester & how to do it.
There's also a "pay it forward" post by BEERMAN that shows a simple one to build
Here is a basic tester i built, along with a plate and gasket to cover turbo outlet to check for leaks on exhaust side also, built exhaust side as per Daves inst at hurricane when we were trouble shooting.


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