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Suggestions protecting garage floor?


Mar 12, 2007
Auburn, NY
Any of you guys have some kind of flooring to protect your garadge from your sled?

I keep my sled at my parents and prior to me getting the sled my uncle caused a small crack in my parents garage cement floor. Wasn't bad at all. After keeping my sled in there and with the snow from going in and out I didnt see the damage the sled was doing to the floor till spring. My parents don't want me to keep the sled there bc its ruining the floor and at the same time they don't want me to keep it outside and understand that I want it protected.

Anyone have any cheap effective alternatives for flooring I can put down over this area where I'll keep my sled? Something I can set down to drive over withought it flying around the garadge.

Best thing would be those lifts that lift at the running boards and clip on the rear bumper and you wheel it and out of the garage. Anything you put down and drive over it will wreck. I have some nice dolleys for the skis and one for the track adn keep my driveway shoveled enough that I put the sled on those in the drive way and roll it in and out of the garage.
kinger said:
Best thing would be those lifts that lift at the running boards and clip on the rear bumper and you wheel it and out of the garage.

Thank you. I actually have been thinking about getting one of these lifts. Is there a difference with the jack and build quality in them bc I've noticed a big jump in prices with some of them or are they basically all the same?
I use a furniture dolly under the track and standard ski dollies up front. The furniture dollies are pretty cheap, support most of the track and roll around easily.


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This maybe a stupid question but do you guys do anything special to lift the sled up to get the skis onto the dollies?

I'm always by myself when I'm getting home or leaving so the sled is heavy and after a while kills my back and arms lifting the sled up to get it onto the dollies especially after a long ride. I may just fork over the money for an entire sled lift with dollies.
The Artist said:
just left at the front of the ski and slide it under the ski

I've tried that and doesn't work very well. I think I have sucky dollies. I had to spray WD40 on the wheels to get them to move withought great force and this is when I first bought them. I know that they are a little on the short end too and should be longer.

I bought them at the Oncenter last year during the snowmobile show.
Can you run the sled when they are up on the full sled lift? just wondering if you can run the track to get the snow out while its on the lift after a ride.
I got some sucky dollies also. Hard to lift sled onto them and they slide off. I bought a sled dollie from the Big East show. At the show it seemed to work great. The test will be when I'm doing it myslef!!! This week the sleds are going to be worked on so I'll let you know how it works. I mainly wanted it to protect my new driveway. Carbides and Ice claw track can make some great scratch lines!
I use horse stall mats to protect the floor. Buy them at tractor Supply. They work great stick to the concrete pretty good so when you drive in and out they don't move unless you get real stupid with the throttle. I have a rec lift with wheels and dollies but they don't work for crap when trying to go outside more of a pain then anything. The horse stall mats seemed to work the best for me.
You may want to consider lining the floor with OSBoard. I have some down that has been there for 12 years and it is still good. The carbides slide right over it. I actually also line the floor of the Toy Hauler with OSB and drive the selds right in, Studs, Carbides and all.
In the Toy Hauler, the OSB lays right up to the walls. The whole floor is covered. It can not move. In the garage, there are several pieces in there. There is equipment sitting on the other pieces. Actually, once you catch a little OSB on the carbide, the sled rolls very easily. It is almost like being on hardpack.