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Venture MP steering parts


Dec 18, 2017
Bethel AK
2013 VLMP
Hello everyone, I have a 2013 venture MP and I use it as a utility machine for hunting and wood cutting up here in AK. I like the machine other than the steering/front suspension issues. I was looking through the threads and it seems, at least the ones I found, there are some alternative parts out there, but many it seemed are no longer available. I'm looking to upgrade any and all parts of the steering/ front suspension as well as install some grease zerts.

Any help is appreciated.

Did you have a look at the FAQ in this section? Lots of threads on steering fixes and upgrades.

Which parts are you saying are no longer available?
Yamaha still sells the oilite bushing kit p/n sma-8gcfr-kt-00 for front suspension arms and also heavy duty steering kit p/n sma-beari-ng-kt for steering linkage! I have it installed in my multi purpose works good provided you Loctite them in. as does the oilite bushing kit. For the steering post block, oft racing makes a billet block with oilite bushing insert. cheers!
I looked at the FAQ and found a bushing kit and tie rod end bolt upgrade from Schmidt Bros, but when i went to the" add zerks" it said it was no longer available and the ball joint fix person closed up shop according to the thread.
We have had poor snow conditions for the last couple years and my upper and lower ball joints along with the A arm bushings aren't holding up well. I'd really like to figure out a way to grease everything including the ski bushings.

What are the UpBushman parts and where can find more info on those products. i looked for a website but didn't find any.

UpBushman has two separate kits. One is for the steering block where the inner tie-rods connect to. The other is for the ski spindles. He doesn't have a website. He just sells the bushing kits through this forum. He doesn't have a Phazer anymore but said he would still make and sell the kits. Just send him a PM. For the steering block, I'd use the Yamaha bearing kit instead of UpBushman's.

The Schmidt Oilite Sloppy steering fix for the steering block is a copy of UpBushman's.

Upper ball joint, AFAIK, is only available from Yamaha. The lower one is available at Yamaha and an aftermarket is also available at Royal Distributing.

There are a lot of joints throughout the linkages which introduces a little play but adds up to a lot. I've seen brand new Phazers on the dealer lot that had more play than mine with the mods. Check the threads in the FAQ on how to tighten each one up.
Thanks a bunch, I just ordered the parts to do your DogBone upgrade and the OFT steering block that Back Country mentioned. Trying to find the A-arm bushing kits that ship to AK. Planning to order the inner tie rod parts this afternoon.
I'll shoot Up a message.

Thanks again.
Thanks a bunch Mooseman. No one has them in Anchorage and they weren't sure when or if they could get them. I called Yukon Yamaha and they had most of what i needed in stock and the rest will be coming from Ontario in a couple days. Pretty excited to rip the front end apart replace the worn parts and install the clutch kit and go hunt'n. Hope to go chasing come caribou after Christmas.

Thanks again.
Yukon Yamaha rocks! Not surprised that they had stuff in stock.
NO Kidding, I'll be calling them again. I talked with Dayle and she new her stuff.