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Wife’s chest too big for these bibs?


Mar 11, 2019
2015 SR Viper M-TX 153
Now that I have your attention, I’m coming off a 15 Viper MTX 153 with a Push 210 turbo and decided to move into a Winder.
I was going to go into the engine on the Viper to increase boost but after a few discussions with others decided the Winder was the way go. The lack of knock sensors and overall engine management made the decision easy.

I ended up with an 18 XTX SE 137.



I will be getting into this very soon and may need to lean on some of you. If you like upgrades and helping people spend money, follow along with me as I will be digging in and making changes. Thanks for looking you perv. Lol.

As it sits now it does have some upgrades done to it.

I was going to put on this CAI but I don’t like how it will be pulling in hot air from under hood. I’m working on making an enclosed air box that will keep the hot air out. With that said, I’m also adding vents for the clutch side to keep from robbing all the air away from the clutches.

Do you think I need to increase fueling? Message Terry and see if he can get me a fatter tune? I’m gonna be swapping out the muffler for an OSP and adding a wideband so I can monitor AFR. What about fuel pump? Go bigger with adjustable regulator and drill return fitting?
Looks like that sled has some junk in the trunk, does the wife have a similar figure?
First season in the books on the Winder. Overall happy with my decision over the Viper. Was still gonna run the Viper on occasion but the first ride on it the brake lever wouldn’t return. Back to the Winder and rebuilt the master on the Viper. Still not pushing plunger out like it should. Ended up pulling the caliper and buying a rebuild kit. Still waiting on parts for it.

Anyway, this season was off to a rocky start. Snow came and went and had a few warm ups in northern Wisconsin so we didn’t get our first ride in until Jan 18th. Loaded up the sleds that I had brought home to Illinois and headed north. My enclosed was sitting up north so I had to use the deck and 2 place.


First trip we stopped at house north of Merrill, dropped trailer and kept going north. Ended up in Bessemer MI just outside of Ironwood. Ran down trail 2 to 13, north to 100 and trails were so beat up and whooped out it beat us to death. Headed west from there to trail 1 to loop back to trail 2 to just make it back to hotel. That totally sucked. The next morning we loaded back up and went back south to Hazelhurst WI area where there was better snow and snowing. What a difference! We put on some miles those couple days in the Willow Flowage area and north of Tomahawk.

Met up with my brother at the house when he came up 2 days later and it was a great weekend.
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The next weekend up I decided I needed some traction assistance so I grabbed some IGrips. Bought 250 and used 220 or so. I didn’t want to fully stud the sled because I hate studding single ply tracks.


My wife and daughter came up with me that weekend and we had a great time considering it got pretty cold. They didn’t ride with us that Friday, they stayed at the house and my buddy, brother and I did about 230 miles and had trails to ourselves pretty much due to the -17° high that day.


The next day my dad came up, he’s been dying to get some seat time as well and figured if my girls were there he wouldn’t be slowing us up any so he came along and we wore him out that weekend. Kept pushing him to keep riding but we didn’t have to twist too hard.

That night I got a picture of the lineup in front yard as we unloaded the trailer.
Left to right; 06 Nytro ER (wife) 23 SkiDoo Ace 900 turbo adrenaline renegade (Nick) 11 Apex SE EPS (Dad) 14 Viper XTX 146 custom w/ Hurricane 190 (brother) 18 SW XTX (me)
Next weekend I went up earlier than the guys to get my chaincase oil changed. I didn’t do it earlier because I was waiting for my new DMC top gear to come in. Pulled it all apart and inspected everything and then found out about the bad batch of gears and of course, I had one. I didn’t wanna wait any longer for the 22tooth so I ended up with a bad 21T. So that didn’t go in.

I did see where my chain was hitting the inside cover. So I need the 22T.


I talked to David from DMC even though I bought my gear from Travis at BOP and he said send it to him and he’ll swap it out right away and even send me the 22T. Stand up guy that backs his product 100%. And this wasn’t even his issue, that is a Yami part that was bad. Good dude. I still need to send that gear now that I think of it. I was gonna get thru this season on my stock upper gear, the bushing looked good and I just add a little extra oil to the chaincase. My tensioner roller is welded and I put in the brass fork pads while it was open.
The boys came up on Thursday and the snow was kinda thin so we headed north. We had plans to head towards Curtis, Newberry area but they got hit with a warm up as well as rain so we ended up heading west. Intended on hitting Minnesota if needed but as we got past Ashland the snow got better but there weren’t many places to ride in that area due to Indian reservation area. Ended up stopping in Brule WI not too far from Duluth MN. That was an awesome 3 days! We did some miles and had a blast every day beside one when we tried to go north up the peninsula along the lake. Bare roads and ice trails does no good on this Winder without a radiator. She likes to run hot.



Sleds ran flawless and we put ‘em thru their paces. Headed back to the house, tucked them away and headed home for a few days of work and to let our loved ones know we’re still alive. Lol.
I should have started with the few things I did to the sled before season started.
I threw on the CAI but I’m not completely sold on it yet.

Changed the plugs, little copper anti-seize on the threads, dielectric on the plug wire and some 111 silicone on the coil so it doesn’t stick inside the bore.


Took off the TD superquiet muffler in favor of this OSP. I love the OSP sound and they’re getting hard to find. RIP Big Jim.
Installed “the Greaser” behind the caliper to get grease to driveshaft bearing and greased jackshaft bearing. Then set the offset on clutch and installed secondary adjuster.

Put in the stealth big wheel kit from J&T.

I also cut new plates from 1/8” stainless because them aluminum plates bend too easily on the belly pan.

That’s about all I did to the Sidewinder besides oil and filter change. Both sleds were ready to go back up north at that time. But I made a trip up before I dragged them up to get the other sleds done. The Nytro got a billet oil tank, new carbides and hyfaxes, new windshield, oil and filter change, chaincase oil and installed LED headlights. Also got the Apex ready for season for my dad.