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Zx2 g force replacement

Discussion in 'Skis, Studs, Tracks and Aftermarket Suspensions' started by belcher, Feb 19, 2017.

  1. belcher

    belcher Veteran

    . Does anybody know if there is a replacement of the g force shock. I just broke the bottom shock mount bolt. ( I did the the same thing last year ). Anyways when I took it apart just now I noticed both shock mounts are broken (lower). What is the best replacement? I bottomed extremely hard and then after the sled road better I figured I just blew the valving but I must have broken the shock and 500 miles later the bolt holding shaft broke and I'm sure it just didn't come loose because I broke it last season to.

  3. kinger

    kinger VIP Member VIP Member

    Clear Lake, IA
    I am not aware of any, blowjett on here is a Ohlins guru with access to lots of parts, at one point I was going to see if he could build me some ohlins. The G force though work great after my revalve with hygear. If your breaking bolts and parts it has to be something in the valving. People that ride with me know I pound the heck out of my ZX2 and I have yet to have a structural failure of any sort. That said I went through a revalve once and they were to soft and I could bottom out at will so I rode it like a baby the rest of the trip to keep from destroying it. If you bottom at all I would ride less hard until you can get them serviced. If your breaking grade 8 bolts in shear then its obvious you need to stiffen those shocks. My original valve set up when new from ADB lasted I think 3 years before they wore out and I needed service, again when I noticed it was it started to bottom out with no change, I had to ride like a baby again until I got it home. I weigh 230lbs and in a full body Apex and Hygear has a great valve package for me that has worked, if you send it to them I can PM my details so they can look up my valving. Good luck!
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  4. aktoddc

    aktoddc Newbie

    I know this is an old thread, but I have a set of take off G-Force shocks that came off my ZX2 skid I would sell.


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