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should i buy or not

Yes that’s where I’ve bought 3 of them from Also my father in law and brother in law just bought leftovers from them. Very nice people
I live in Hudson Falls and just ordered my 21 Winder from Edinburg, very nice people to deal with. I do my riding in Quebec. Bob rides there also.

We need to get together next year. Maybe at the lake or in Canada. I went with Bob and 2 other friends to Quebec this year and had a great time. Bob was the leader and did a great job on Joans sled. Lol. No new sled for me this year. My son is starting college.
where do I get one of those t-shirts... got to have..
yes, I want a few too...totally awesome...great job on the graphics and blurb
I like the first 2 pages of this thread. Then it turned quickly to paying stuff off...... Just buy the sled. There is no guarantee the SRX will be back next year or it might change color again. Blue and orange or something like that. Personally I like the color option right there. Blue and Orange.... hummmm. Or even better a new chassis who knows. It's late and I'm still working.
No. Just a Venom Mountain
Ok now i understand,when we were talking a few days ago,i did not get the impression you were getting a winder,but than i thought i may of missed something,in our very long winded talk lol.
This is not the place for making reasoned financial decisions. It's like coming to a bar and asking if you should try a new cocktail. Of course you should try it! Sit down and stay a while!
It may be even worse than asking the salesman. LOL.

Why- we are all practiced at artificially raising the priority of the ‘RIght’Sled and snowmobiling in general than almost all else.

Notice I used artificially not incorrectly.....just couldn’t admit that, not gonna happen. LOL
Two days left in Yamaha's Spring Power Surge.

Is anyone else having the same problems as I am with voices in your head?