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What exact Hurricane tune is this.


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Feb 18, 2013
Dublin Ontario
2019 Sidewinder LTX
I had a customer who just bought a 2017 Winder and thought it was stock. He then purchases a MBRP 2.5 muffler and tells me to go over the sled and tune it stage one. However, when I scanned the ECU is says Hurricane 240HP 3B SS 3.
And Hurricane 240HP R v9.4

Anyone know if this is the proper tune for this exhaust we have?

I’d assume that’s the PM tune but best to verify with Dave
Hurricane has PM tunes for 240 as well, at least you can select that combo from the site.
I need a tune to work with the exhaust I mentioned.
Dave is awesome so I'd just call him and tell him what you're working with and he can tell you what you need. That 2.5" might be just fine but you better ask him.
My guess is 240 Super Spool performance muffler tune. Even if your not a dealer, Dave wouldn't chatting quick to confirm which tune your inquiring about.
Just call and tell Dave exactly what the deal is...you are completing maintenance on a customers sled and need info or an upgrade on one of his tuned sleds. He will get it and I have found him very helpful and accommodating to deal with. I suspect this sled however does not come with a flasher if it only has one tune so upgrading the flash may be a little less convenient.