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Advise on changing tune to stock muffler tune


Jan 4, 2023
Sidewinder btx 153 -19

Need advise on changing tune on my sw to a stock muffler tune.
I now have maptune step 3 Cai and 2,5” full flow exhaust and its to loud and the drone makes me sick.
Im have looked at td ms16 and hurricane 270 sm tune they both seems very intrestning, but the price on ms 16 is like 940$ plus 3bar and ts bov. Hurricane 270 is 640$ plus ts bov dont know if i need 3bar also. The fuel that we have available in sweden are: 95okt e10 and 98okt i belive its close to yours 91 and 93 oct.
Going to need some advise on clutching also when i decided witch way to go.
24-50 gearing 8 tooth
The clutching which is mounted now
”Adrenaline” magnetic weights 70g base currently 74g
Green primary spring
Green secondary spring advertised as ”125-170”
Multi angle helix, measures 52/47
Don’t want this to be a bashing thread.
Best regards
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MS16sm doesn't require a 3 bar or a bov. The bov is merely suggested. As with all tunes/tuners would suggest, as stock bov becomes suspect to leaks.
I'm not sure the difference in the TD MaxSpool16sm & Hurricane 270 tune?!
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There are two MS16 tunes. One for a 3 bar, and one for the stock 2 bar. You need to be specific when you purchase the tune.

I have 4,000 miles on the two bar version. It has been flawless. Mine runs 17psi on my boost gauge with the TS BOV.

Winterwolf had his sled dyno'd with the Hurricane stock muffler bundle, and all the tunes made as much or more HP than what they were advertised at. I would not hesitate one bit to try a Hurricane tune.
For the stock muffler, I would recommend the Hurricane 225/240/270 bundle. My buddy runs this with everything stock with no issues. He clutches for the 240 tune. The sled runs a few hundred rpms lower on the 225 tune and a few hundred higher on the 270 tune. He spends the vast majority of his time on the 240 tune. Unless you are dedicated to maxing out your sled but just want a little more, this is a good option.
Can you run hurricanes sm tunes with Cai?
I cant find it on their website.
52-47 helix? Those are some old school angles, how does it preform?
In my opinion it dosen’t work well for trail riding, feels like the secondary working against you. Maybe for backcountry/climbing when your on and off throttle.
Lots of belt dust and heat in clutches, blown belts when you do long pulls on the lake. The clutch kit is something previous owner installed and it is from a wendor here in sweden that sell them as a kit. The green secondary spring is a mean sob to mount at 3-1 as per description.

For some it seems to work well, but i don’t like it.
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Sounds like you need to start from the beginning and there are more than enough guys on here that can get you in the right direction.. what I would do once you change that secondary spring is to bring it with you on your next ride and throw it as far as possible in the bush and keep riding haha..
If that green secondary is actually a Cat sno-pro green then it can be made to work, just use it at 0-1 wrap. 3-1 is a ton of pressure. It is very similar to the Dalton white.
3-1 is the position that they recommend. 0-1 have i tried it feels better but when getting stuck in deep snow the belt is pulled down in secondary and you have to remove sidepanel and help the sheaves go back.
Decided to get the hurricane sm bundle tunes.
Is superspool the way to go or not?
Good choice. I had the 240ss tune for the first two years then switched to the bundle after getting the flasher..
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