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Advise on changing tune to stock muffler tune

Just got off the phone with Hurricane.

The SS tunes do NOT require a map sensor although Dave recommends them.

The SS tune options are there only for those people who purchased originally without the map sensor and simply represent a performance improvement over the previous tunes. IF you buy now, and a map sensor, you get the SS tune automatically. Dave wasn't available so I do not know what PSI they are running but I am not looking for absolute performance and I trust Dave to draw that line in the right place when it comes to performance/reliability.

So.. A hurricane single tune with 3 bar map sensor with SS is just the cost of the tune plus map sensor. (~$838.00 CAD)

As a side note, they have two wideband sensors available, they are just two different brands with no opinion on one being better than the other, it was just a way to manage supply chain issues. ( in their opinion, the cheaper one seems to last as long as the other so pick one).

Just to clarify about the TD MS16 not needing a 3 bar map sensor. They have multiple MS16 tunes, one of which is a 2 bar, others are 3 bar tunes!

Lot’s to look at when trying to decide!

The 2 bar tune does not allow hour meter to see correct boost numbers once over 16-17 ?, and because of that that tune throws more fuel during WOT.

My MS16 2 bar tune use to show 16.2 -16.?, whereas my 3 bar MS16 shows 17.5 for an average showing!

They also make an MS16 header tune and other MS16 tunes!
Imho just get the 3bar as a.just in case. You may not need it until you do.
I'm going to debunk your theory. You say the 240hp by Hurricane is the same as the 260hp horse by TD.
Yet the 240 horse by Hurricane only makes 14 PSI and the 260 by TD makes approximately 17 PSI. Please explain.....
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Theres alot more to a tune then boost. Timing being a MAJOR player. Remember when evo made tunes? Believe they had 58hp gain at 14.7psi.
Theres alot more to a tune then boost. Timing being a MAJOR player. Remember when evo made tunes? Believe they had 58hp gain at 14.7psi.
Understood....I also would consider 14psi to be on the low side of the spectrum when talking about the 240ss tune.
Then there's the matter of 2bar vs 3bar, etc. Right on.
The super spool tunes run more boost down low and at wide open boost is adjusted to Match that tunes rating.
For example, 240ss could be pulling 17psi boost during acceleration up to a certain rpm then boost is reduced to the 240ss rating at higher rpms or 270ss rating and so on.
TD told me that MS16 2 bar was about 260hp. MS16 3 bar was 270hp and Powertrail was 250 and only a 2 bar is needed. I run Powertrail. Smooth decent spool but doesn’t blow the track out. Very octane tolerant. Runs a little more than 15 psi on the hour meter.
I have 2 bar MS16 and it runs high 16’s on the hour meter, with an occasional spike to 17.2.
Decided to go with hurricane pm bundle 3bar and ts bov.
Traded my exhaust to a ”quiet” exhaust.
Just had a short test drive yesterday but it was snowing and i could not find my goggles.
Will report back after weekend, going for a 160km test drive from home to cabin.