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Mr. Sled - Future of T.Y.???

Yup, deltas seem to be bottomed out for now. But early model winders headed back to pre-covid pricing again. I have seen plenty of 2017/2018 winders under $10K again. Saw one that was at a dealer for $6900! But it had a pile of miles on it. Like 18K miles.
Yea we need to toe the line on our pricing to keep us from drowning. Keep reminding buyers 1 you won’t be able to just pick up a new one. And while we still can they sell out in an hour and are $24000.

As far as delta box chassis I would say they have bottomed out in the market and they have already aged out to the point that buyer/owner could care less about Yamaha exiting the business.

Just an idea to help keep traffic and bring new people. Can we get a personal watercraft form on here. I have two wave runners that I'd like to get the knowledge that we do on here from all these smart people for upgrades and things that must be done for preventive measures.
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I thought there used to be a watercraft section on the main page of totallyamaha.net. Is it gone? Am I just plain losing my mind? Lol
I thought there used to be a watercraft section on the main page of totallyamaha.net. Is it gone? Am I just plain losing my mind? Lol
I just went and looked and you are correct. Looks like no activity in years though. Maybe not worth it or just because the 4 stroke side gets more activity.
The 2-stroke side still has activity and I’m betting that only increases now that Yammy has pulled the plug on sleds, people seem to be all about vintage whatever these days.
It will be quite sad if either of these sites disappear, the knowledge base is pretty incredible compared to any other online user sites/forums I’ve seen over the years.
Thank you for the concern. But as mentioned I wanted everyone to know just because Yamaha turned their back on you, I won’t. All we need is traffic to keep the site going. So please as I mentioned frequent the site as much as possible. Direct Facebook users to go to the site for questions. Those google ads are the main source of revenue to keep us going as well as VIPs.

May have to put our heads together to be more innovative to keep us on track.

Thanks Tom

Also. If you or you friends, family or whoever have jumped over to Polaris I also have PolarisStarPower.com or still ride older models go to Totallyamaha.net or Vmax4.com. All traffic to any of these sites share the same server and will keep us alive.
Always directing FB page users to Ty4stroke.com!