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Phazer Riders Check Spindle Ovaling Where Ski Mounts

UP bushman

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Jan 12, 2007
Munising, Michigan
Well fellow riders the time has come where the show must come to an end I'm no longer gone to be making this kit. It's been a great ride and appreciate all the support of the product that's what makes this FORUM GREAT so Bush Ride On.
Hey there riders of the Phazer & Nytro Chassis with the aluminum spindles check for it starting to oval out were the ski mounts. The reason this has happened is the rubber ski stopper wears under the spindle causing the cheap split bushings to expand and wable out the spindle (Steering Knuckle Assy. Right & Left sides $194.55 each :moon:). My Phazer Mountain has 4831 miles on it and it's ovaled out to the eye. The pictures are as good as I could get with the pixel my camera has but you can get the idea.

If you also notice the gaps between spindle, spacers and ski it measured up to be 1/16" on mine lots of room to wable around. Without the rubber between the ski and spindle removed you will really notice the movement side to side for an example. The split bushing in the spindle will continue to oval out the spindle for there is no solid Bushing around the collar shaft to stop it. The Kit available below will save your Spindles.
To replace the stock parts in hopes of curing this problem it will not. Part cost 2-Collars (shafts) 90387-1012H $6.65.each, 2-Collars (spacers) 90387-16017 $3.93 each, 2-Collars (spacers) 90387-16018 $3.93 each, 4-Washers 90201-16022 $3.92 each, 4-Bushings, Bimetal Formed $5.50 each and you will spend approximately $66.70 total. A few guys have tried including myself and found out the hard way it does not fix it.

Premium Spindle Saver Bushing Kit made of stainless steel will come complete with all new bushings (double the wall thickness of the stock ones), spacers, collar, washers just reuse bolt and nut for the ski to mount to Spindle. This Kit is designed for stock ski mount setup if you have aftermarket ski's and use stock hardware it will work. Aftermarket skis that the Premium Kit fits C&A Pros Skis, Slydog Mountain Skis and more to be added as info comes in.


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The VL has wider spindles than the Phazer, so will your bushing kit fit? I know the spacers will not work on the VL - I found that out last year when I bought Slydogs and they sent me the Phazer spacers which were too long to fit the VL.
Mine are slopy as well, Am I still on your list there Rob ??? I will me leaving around the end of march for a week long, 1000+kms polar bear hunt out on the arctic ocean coast and the north slope of the Yukon out to Herschel Island. Keep in mind if you need a good test mule. I'll pay the shipping...... Hopfully we will have two polar bear tags and a grizzly bear as well just in case we run into a monster that has come out early.
Update? I had to make some temporary washers to fit on the shaft. My side to side slop was so bad I couldn't set the toe and the skis were pointing toward each other on the trail!
Hey Ruckus the spacers wear from the side to side movement (from stock junk split bushings) causing more sloop as time goes on. I've tested alot with different setups and found the bushing is the key to all other issues. If your ski is flopping around at the spindle out at the tip or back it might be out a 3/4" or more. There will be an update on availability this week thanks for the info.
So basically, remove old bushings, press in new stainless ones?