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Tired Of Sloppy Steering At Plastic Bushing And Steel Collar

UP bushman

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Jan 12, 2007
Munising, Michigan
Well fellow riders the time has come where the show must come to an end I'm no longer gone to be making this kit. It's been a great ride and appreciate all the support of the product that's what makes this FORUM GREAT so Bush Ride On. The Plastic Bushings part# 8GC-23362-00 & Steel Collars part# 90387-10008-00 on the Pivot Assembly where Idler Arm bolts connecting to Tie Rods are less then desirable on these sleds. My 2007 Mountain Lite were super sloppy after 1300 miles. I made Bronze Bushings and Plastic Washers for the Pivot Assembly where it connects to Idler Arm in the Front Frame.

These pictures show the stock setup and the new Bronze Bushing & Plastic Washer setup. This has been updated since this thread started with some more detail. The Steering Pivot Arm Bushing Kit includes 2-Bronze bushings, 4-Delrin washers with 2-Delrin shim washers for under linkage arm and 1-Delrin shim washer on top of linkage arm for steering pivot arm.


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I am VERY interested. My only problem might be the shipping... I live in Inuvik, NT, Canada. 100 kms south of Tuktoyuktuk, NT. My postal code is x0e 0t0. Maybe you can see how much it might cost and let me know please. I am another frusterated owner of a phazer and could not find anything to fix the sloop until now. I would greatly appreciate it, Thank you.

I will be out of town until Sunday, PM me if you want to purchase Bushing Kit.


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I would be interested in some , Can you give some more details on them, In the last pic you showed it looks like they go right there ??
Hey zook the bushings go on Idler part 59 on parts breakdown and you can see the white washers in the picture 005 behind pivot post. The brass bushings replace the collar part 61 and drill out part 63 on parts breakdown.


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It is easier to pull air box and plastic cover where the spare belt holder mounts between a-arms and remove the whole pivot assembly from the front subframe and replace bushings on the work bench. Estimate it would take 1 1/2 hours to do.


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On my phazer fx -07 the biggest slop is between the collar # 61 and the bolt # 60. I have already replaced the white washers whish was fairy tight to the collar. Maybe a will get a new pair of bolt from the hardware shop to replace the old ones.