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2012 Apex XTX Gearing/Clutching Setup

Good info fellas!
So all things equal: track height, windshield, trail set up, stock clutching, etc...; i can expect this 2012 XTX to be right there on top end with an '07 Ape?
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Cuz i've always liked the XTX.
I want to start building my "Dream Machine" XTX as my back-up-go-to cruiser.
Just a fun project with cool goodies & dialed in OCD style.

My problem is, like i said, the XTX's i ride with are very slow. My 600R even up North put a hurting' on 'em.
Again, those sleds were luxury liners.
If the pre-15's are close to an Apex then my plan may just fall into place.
a 11-15 apex xtx will be closer to a 07 attack or apex ltx in top speed department. never top speed rode mine much in stock form but it would hit 100 mph pretty easily on the hard pack as that is how i finished the season when i got it checking on guys at ice fishing holes up the river. remeber as my uncle was giving me heck for how fast i was doing it.
After talking with STM the setup they recommend is 10 Heel, 3 Mid and 0 Tip. The STM Weights I have are Y60 so the above is not correct.
Thinking after testing it will be worth trying 1 washer on the tip. We will see.
DF-60RG is the weights i am using.
2011 XTX stock with star kit hits a best of 112mph but will do it many times. GPS. Speedo is close to the same by couple MPH. This is on hardpack trail not ice. It hit 103 on GPS soft melting trail so it will vary. Nice crisp northern snow is your friend.

This not a 1/4 mile drag race, its a mile long run. If I remember right 1/4 mile its around 96 97mph.

The people talking about gearing down may be on to something up to a point where you are to low geared. I have a old Cat 600 that would barely hit 85 with me on it. I tighen up the secondary and it liked it so I returned the secondary to the middle and dropped a tooth and speed increased. So I upped a tooth on the other and it liked it more. 96 mph GPS. If I tightened the secondary again it slowed, I figured I had found the right gearing