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Dec 4, 2003
southern mn
Has anyone who took late delivery on their new 2022 sled in March, April received the gift card, luggage from Yamaha? Thanks Jim

I did not receive the bag or $500 in credit cards. I did get my Yamaha extended warranty card. I think it said 4-6 weeks so has about another week maybe Yamaha will screw this up also.
I received both Cc & luggage (I'm a US customer). I think the deal is different for US and CA customers. Somebody herein made that comment. If I remember I think CA's customers don't get the Cc.
nothing yet for me.
Sorry I didn't take it in March April got sled in Dec . Matter of fact I never took delivery I gave the order to somebody else because of Covid (late delivery) and turned both the Cc and bag back to the dealer and got my deposit back. Sorry I just reread your message. Ordered 4/15/21
We were lucky to get our sleds! LOL

Acat sent me a hat and tee shirt, that's it.
But there’s no snow! You can wear the hat and t shirt it’s warm out, wonder when the 23 s will be out? Next summer!
We were lucky to get our sleds! LOL

Acat sent me a hat and tee shirt, that's it.
Thank you for the encouragement !

You are correct. I will wax my car wearing them! LOL
I would call the number on the confirmation email you got. They where pretty helpful for me. Have your VIN ready.
Got both gift cards $500 ($250 + $250) 00 and luggage, . sled was delivered last month