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Knapp's Yamaha - Ontario Canada

The Camp Yeti

Nov 3, 2019
Southeastern Ontario
2014 Phazer RTX
I'm not sure if Ron is a part of this site, but I just had to post some positive feedback. After hunting for hours online to get a decent price on a Phazer track, I almost gave up and went with Royal Distributing. A buddy of mine told me to call Ron at Knapp's Yamaha in Prescott Ontario. I requested a quote on a Freeride track, he not only beat Royal's price, but he flat out destroyed it saving me more than two hundred bucks by the end dollar, and offered free shipping. Just after placing the order, it dawned on me that I never thought at the moment to get a new driver bearing so I called back...only 18 minutes later...to ask for one with the track. He said too late, the track had already been processed and shipped. My expression...o_O!! But he said he'll just toss the bearing in a separate box and send it out right away. Fast shipping is a total understatement :D All I can say is, Ron, if you're reading this, thank you so much for being the better guy in an otherwise money hungry, greedy world. Before you buy from anyone else, whether it be ATV tires, ATV or sled tracks, accessories, or anything else, look up Ron at Knapp's Yamaha in Prescott Ontario.


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Free shipping on an already discounted track? Nice! I've seen him advertising on Kijiji, FB, etc. and have thought of trying ordering stuff from there. He's 45 minutes away from me. Local dealers in Ottawa are just outright robbers for parts. I'll have to give him a shout next time.
Great tip, talked to him on the phone and he is great. Great prices.