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power steering kit for my 2017 ltx le?

rtx moose

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Jul 31, 2014
2017 sidewinder LTX LE,2007 RTX,2000 SRX700
can we upgrade to power steering

Screenshot_20210317-115528_Samsung Internet.jpg
I wonder what changes were made for it
From the eps description there is feedback to the ecu. I would guess you would need a 2022 ecu...
Not holding my breath on Yamaha offering an upgrade kit for EPS but Cat just might offer up a kit.
Gse kit works well I’m told. New subframe and steering post and electronics and few other things
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After market EPS installer says he done with installs .... to many issues
All 22 and up can have power steering added.
Can we add it to a 17 model year?
Hook up the wires to the existing harness like the wiring schematic shows. Two wires to can bus couple ground and power wires then get a 23 ltx le stock flash from a tuner and flash it or have the dealer flash it to the newer sled that matches your set up. Shocks and handle bar controls.
On the surface, it appears that any winder can add factory power steering with the addition of an updated ECU and possibly gauge. It totals out to about $2100.00 in parts which includes a new ECU. If you don't have IQS then I think you have the issue of either living with that code always being present (unless there is a model with EPS but no IQS). And of course there will be some harness mods but relatively minor (to add EPS fuse, etc). Of course there is the additional challenge of all parts being available.

If anyone wants the spreadsheet, let me know, several of us validated the list of parts so it should be everything needed.
There’s a guy in Michigan or Wisconsin that is doing the conversion, pre 19 needs to be spliced into harness and he has stuff made up but he does all the installs.19 and newer is just replacing the wire harness with the ps one. It’s nice that it’s the factory version but it costs more than the GSE kit.
Its only 5 wires to splice into the old harness.
$1385 in parts, us$. And need to source a couple connectors for the power steering motor.
Then flash computer to work with eps motor.
Have you physically done this yet or this the “this should work” stage? Just know this guy has done them and said roughly how he goes about it.