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Barn of Parts New Driveshaft Solution

I installed the latest BOP lower driveshaft repair at the start of the season with no issues.My shaft was the original with 7400 miles ,and saved me a bunch of time and labor by putting this on my lower shaft.Travis has a great repair here.This will get me to my next sled after 1/2 more seasons
Good to hear..

I bought this awhile back and am hoping to install it this weekend before putting the sled away.

Maybe it's obvious once
Just an update on some findings as the season has been progressing. Have now had 4 cases in which set screws came out of the collar. 3 of the cases the collar actually worked itself out of the bearing. I've posted before about checking to make sure your screws have not come loose, but just wanted to stress this again and encourage the use of loctite from here on out for extra measure.

I bought this back in January and am hoping to install it this weekend before putting the sled away.

Maybe it's obvious once you get working on it - but is putting the set screws in the last step once you put everything back together? Without looking at it I'm thinking you need to put everything together to make sure it's in the right place before putting the loctite on the threads and tightening it.
not alot of miles for me this year, being in southern ont, but did get just shy 500 mi on in michigan, without disassembling anything and just doing a visual inspection on a stand with a light, everything looks as good as when i put this bearing in... bearing stayin put in caliper housing, all set screws tight , nuthin movin nuthin loose


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